249. Institutions of suits against authorities of Panchayats, their officers etc.

  1. No suit or other civil proceedings against a Panchayat or against the President, the Vice-President or any other member, or employee thereof or against any other person acting under the direction of the Panchayat or any member or employee thereof for anything done or purporting to be done under this Act in its or his official capacity, -
    1. shall be instituted until the expiration of one month after notice in writing, stating the cause of action, the name and place of abode of the intending plaintiff and the nature of the relief which he claims, has been, in the case of a Panchayat delivered or left at the office of the Panchayat and in the case of a member, employee or person as aforesaid delivered to him or left at his office or at his usual place of abode and the plaint shall in each such case contain a statement that such notice has been so delivered or left; or
    2. shall be instituted unless it is a suit for the recovery of immovable property or for the declaration of title thereto, otherwise than within six months next after the accrual of the alleged cause of action.
  2. The notice referred to in sub-section (1), when it is intended for a Panchayat shall be addressed to the Secretary.
  3. If any panchayat or person to whom notice is given under sub-section (1) tenders to plaintiff before the proceeding is commenced and if the plaintiff does not in such proceedings require more than the amounts so tendered he shall no recover any costs incurred by him after such tender: and the plaintiff shall also pay all cost incurred by the panchayat after such tender.