245. Persons empowered to prosecute

  1. Save as otherwise expressly provided in this Act, no person shall be tried for an offence against this Act or any rule or bye-law made thereunder unless complaint is made within one year of the commission of the offence by 194 Added by Act 13 of 1999. the police, the Secretary or a person expressly authorised by the Panchayat in this behalf, but nothing herein shall affect the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. (Central Act 2 of 1974) in regard to the power of certain Magistrate to take cognizance of offences upon information received or upon their own knowledge of suspicion:
    Provided that failure to take out a licence or obtain permission under this Act shall, for the purpose of this section, be deemed to be a continuing offence until the expiration of the period, if any, for which the licence or permission is required.
  2. Every person other than the Secretary making a complaint shall immediately report the fact to the Secretary.