240. Form the notices and permissions time for complying with notices, orders etc. and powers to enforce them

  1. All notices and permissions given issued or granted as the case may be, under the provisions of this Act shall be in writing and be signed by the Secretary of the Panchayat concerned.
  2. Whenever by any notice, requisition or order under this Act or under any rule or byelaw made thereunder, any person is required to execute any work, to take any measures or to do anything, a reasonable time shall be fixed in such notice, requisition or order within which the work shall be executed, the measures taken or the thing done.
  3. If such notice, requisition or order is not complied within the time so fixed -
    1. the Secretary, may, with the approval of the Panchayat concerned, cause such work to be executed, or may take any measures or do anything which may, in his opinion, be necessary for giving due effect to the notice, requisition or order; and the cost incurred by the panchayat in this connection may be recovered from the owner or occupier of the premises in the same manner as if the same were taxes due to the Panchayat; and
    2. if no penalty has been specifically provided in this Act fob failure to comply with such notice, requisition or order, the said person shall be punishable with fine not exceeding five hundred rupees for every such offence.