239. Power of Panchayat for carrying out their functions

  1. A Panchayat shall exercise all the powers conferred on, and perform all the functions entrusted to that Panchayat by or under this Act or any other law and shall also exercise such other powers and perform such other functions as may be conferred on or entrusted to it by the Government for carrying out the provisions of this Act.
  2. A Panchayat shall have power to do all acts necessary for and incidental to, carrying out the functions entrusted or delegated to it.
  3. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, a village panchayat shall
    have power, -
    1. to require by notice, the owner or occupier of any land or building which is a nuisance to the neighbourhood on account of -
      1. its insanitary conditions; or
      2. the collection of any drainage, filth or stagnant water thereon; or
      3. the existence of will or noxious vegetation thereon; or
      4. the presence of poisonous reptiles or other harmful animals or insect.
    2. to take such action as it deems necessary to abate the nuisance within a reasonable period to be specified in such notice;
    3. to prohibit the use of the water of any stream, well, pond or any other excavation believed to be dangerous to public health; and
    4. to regulate or prohibit the watering of cattle or bathing or washing in any stream, well, pond or other excavation reserved for drinking water.