238. Precautions in case of dangerous trees and pruning of hedges and trees

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    1. If any tree or any branch or portion of a tree or the fruits of any tree be deemed by the village panchayat to be likely to fall and thereby endanger any person or any structure or any cultivation, the Village Panchayat may by notice require the owner of the said tree to secure, lop or cut down the said tree or remove the fruits thereof so as to prevent any danger there from.
    2. If immediate action is necessary, the village panchayat shall itself before giving such notice or before the period of such notice expires secure, lop or cut down the said tree or remove the fruit thereof fence off a part of any street or take such other temporary measures as it thinks fit to prevent danger, and the cost of so doing shall be recoverable from the owner of the tree in the same manner as an arrear of public revenue due on land.
    3. 193[If any tree or the branch thereof in the opinion of the village panchayat, causes pollution to the drinking water of a well or tank, the village panchayat may, by notice, require the owner of such tree to cut down and remove such tree or branch thereof.]
  2. The Secretary of a village panchayat may without notice. -
    1. trim or prune any hedge bordering on a public street so that it may not exceed such height from the level of the adjoining roadways as may be provided for this purpose; or
    2. cut and trim any hedge or tree overhanging the said trees and obstructing it or the view of traffic or causing damage to it; or
    3. remove fallen trees on public roads and waterways which obstruct traffic.