235 AB. Power to regularise the unlawful building construction

  1. Not with standing any thing contained in this Act, if any person or institution unlawfully developed any land or constructed any building on or before 31st December 1998, the Government may, on realisation of a compounding fee as prescribed, regularise such land development or building construction:

    Provided that such regularisation shall not adversely affect any planning scheme or master plan, approved under the existing provisions of the Town Planning Act:

    Provided further that no building construction shall be regularised, which is done in contravention of the provisions in respect of the security arrangements provided in this Act, or the building rules made there under.
  2. Application for regularisation under sub-section (1) shall be submitted within such time and in such manner as prescribed.

Explanation. - For the purpose of this Act, unlawful construction means any construction for which the Secretary shall have no power to regularise under section 235 W of this Act or any construction or re-construction done in contravention of the provision of this Act or the building rules made there under or in contravention of any approved plan or any construction done in deviation of any exemption order sanctioned by the Government or any conditions specified therein.