235 Z. Penalty for unlawful construction of building

  1. Where the construction, reconstruction or alteration of any building,
    1. is commenced without the permission of the Secretary; or
    2. is carried on or completed otherwise than in accordance with the particulars on which such permission is based; or
    3. is carried on or completed in contravention of any lawful order or in breach of any provision contained in this Act or in any rule or bye-law made there under or of any direction or requisition lawfully given or made; or
    4. about which alteration or addition required by notice issued under section 235 N is not duly made; or
    5. about which any person to whom a direction, given by the Secretary under section 235 W, fails to obey such direction; the owner of the building or such person, as the case may be, shall, on conviction be liable to a fine which may extend to rupees ten thousand in the case of a building and to rupees one thousand in the case of a hut and to a further fine of rupees one thousand in the case of a building and rupees ten in the case of a hut for each day of continued offence:

      Provided that the construction or reconstruction of the building may be regularised under section 235 W and if so regularised by the secretary, no person shall be made liable for conviction under this sub-section.
  2. Where the violation of any stipulation as to the standard or specification mentioned in any of the provisions of this Act or any rules made there under or any lawful directions in respect of the construction of a building poses threat to public safety or danger to human life, the owner or the builder of such building shall on conviction be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extent up to one year.