235 X. Order of stoppage of Buildings or works in certain cases

  1. Where the erection of any building or the execution of any work has been commenced or is being carried on (but has not been completed) without obtaining the permission of the Secretary or in contravention of any decision of the Village Panchayat or any of the provisions of this Act or any rule or byelaw made there under or any lawful direction or requisition given or made under this Act, or the rules or byelaws, the Secretary may without prejudice to any other action that may be taken under this Act, by order require the person at whose instance the building or the work has been commenced or is being carried on, to stop the same forthwith.
  2. Where such order is not complied with, the Secretary may require any Police Officer to remove such person and all his assistants and workmen from the premises within the specified time on such application and the police officer will have to act accordingly.
  3. After complying with the requisition under sub-section (2), the secretary may, if he thinks fit, require in writing the assistance of a Police Officer or dispute by a written order an officer or employee of the Village Panchayat to watch the premises in order to ensure that the construction of the building or the execution of the work is not continuing and the cost thereof shall be paid by the person at whose instance such construction or execution was being continued or to whom notice under sub-section (1) was given, and shall be recoverable from such persons as arrears of property tax under this Act.