26. Impressment of materials for urgent works, repairs, etc

  1. Whenever it appears to the Irrigation Officer that unless some work or repair is immediately executed, an irrigation work would sustain such serious damage as to cause sudden and extensive public injury, such officer or any other person authorised by him in that behalf may, under intimation to the owner or occupier of any land in the neighbourhood of any such irrigation work, enter upon and take possession of such land and appropriate or remove any trees, timber, bamboos, mats, ropes, straws, earth, stones or other materials found therein, and use the same for the purpose of such work or repair.
  2. The Irrigation Officer or any other person authorised by him, who appropriates or removes any materials under sub-section (1), shall prepare an inventory thereof and keep it as a record duly signed by himself, the owner or occupier of the land and two witnesses of the locality.