9. Consequences of construction of irrigation works.

  1. Where the Government construct an irrigation work for utilising the water in a water course,
    1. the Government shall be entitled to regulate, utilise, protect and distribute all water in such water course and all the tributaries and branches thereof upwards such irrigation work in such manner as may suit the public purpose;
    2. no person or agency shall, without the sanction of the Government or such authority as may he authorised by the Government in that behalf, do anything which obstructs, interferes with, diminishes or is likely to obstruct, interfere with or diminish, the flow of water in such water course;
    3. no person or agency shall use water from any irrigation work owned or controlled or maintained by the Government for any purpose other than domestic purpose except under, and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a licence issued by such authority as may be prescribed.
  2. Where the prescribed authority is satisfied-that a licence issued under clause (c) of sub-section (I) may affect adversely the effective functioning of the irrigation work, he may, after giving the person affected thereby a reasonable opportunity of being heard,  revise or cancel such licence.