235 C. Power of village panchayat to regulate further construction of certain classes of buildings in particular streets or localities

  1. ...
    1. The village panchayat may issue public notice of intention to declare in any area or areas mentioned in the notice, that, -
      (i) continuous building shall be allowed;
      (ii) the elevation and construction of the frontage of all buildings thereafter constructed or reconstructed shall in respect of their architectural features, be such as the village panchayat may consider suitable to the locality; or
    2. that in any locality specified in the notice, the construction of only detached building shall be allowed; or
    3. that in any road portion of road or localities specified in the notice, the construction of shops, warehouses, factories, huts or buildings of a specified architectural character of buildings destined for particular use shall not be allowed without the special permission of the village panchayat.
  2. No objection to any such declaration shall be received after a period of three months from the publication of such notice.
  3. The village panchayat shall consider all objections received within the said period and may modify or confirm the declaration and the modification shall not be so as to extend its effect.
  4. The Secretary shall publish any declaration so confirmed which shall take effect from the date of its publication.
  5. No person shall, after the date of publication of the declaration under sub-section (4), construct or reconstruct any building in contravention of such declaration.