234B. Administrative powers of the panchayat in respect of the existing water supply and sewerage schemes

  1. Notwithstanding anything contained in the Kerala Water Supply and Sewerage Act, 1986 (14 of 1986) or in any other law, the maintenance and administration of the water supply and sewerage schemes which cannot be vested in and transferred to the panchayat under section 234A and is beneficial to the residents within the area of more than one Local Self Government Institutions shall vest in the committee
    to be constituted by the Government for the purpose.
  2. In the committee referred to in subsection (1), -
    1. Chairpersons of the respective municipalities;
    2. Presidents of the respective panchayats;
    3. The Senior Engineer of the water authority of the related project who shall be its Secretary and Convenor; shall be its members and chairperson or President of that Local Self Government Institution to which the related scheme is more beneficial shall be the chairman of the committee.
    4. The water authority shall provide the fund and services of the employees necessary for the exercise of powers and functions of the committee.