234. Power of Government to make rules in respect of the grant and renewal of licences and permissions

  1. The Government may make rules, –
    1. prohibiting or regulating the grant or renewal of licences under section 232 and the period for which such licences shall be valid;
    2. as to the time within which application for such licences or renewals thereof shall be made; and
    3. prohibiting or regulating the grant of permission under section 233.
  2. Rules made under clause (c) of sub-section (1) may empower the village panchayat to set apart specified places in the panchayat area for industrial purposes and provide for the refusal of permission under section 233 in respect of any factory, workshop, workplace or premises outside such places and also for the removal to such places of any factory, workshop or workplace which has been already established at any place, or any machinery which has already been installed in any premises situated outside the specified places :
    Provided that no such rule shall authorise the removal of any factory, workshop or workplace or machinery installed in any premises in the occupation or under the control of the Central or State Government or of a Market Committee established under the Madras Commercial Crops Markets Act, 1933 or any other law.
  3. 183[x x x x]

183 Omitted by Act 13 of 1999.