233A. Abatement of nuisance caused by factory, workshop etc.

  1. 182 [Where any factory, workshop, workplace or machinery causes, in the opinion of the village panchayat nuisance by reason of a particular kind of fuel being employed or by reason or the noise or vibration created, or effluent discharged or by reason of noxious odour, smoke or dust omitted, the secretary may direct the person in charge of such factory, workshop, workplace or machinery for the abatement of such nuisance within a reasonable time to be specified for that purpose.
  2. The village panchayat may, if required, obtain expert opinion with regard to the determination of the nuisance or its abatement, at the cost of the owner or person in charge of the factory, workshop, workplace or machinery concerned.
  3. Where there has been wilful default in carrying out a direction given under subsection (1) or where in the existing circumstances the abatement of nuisance is found impracticable, the secretary may prohibit the working of the factory workshop, workplace or machinery till such time the person concerned takes necessary steps to the satisfaction of the secretary for the abatement of the nuisance.

182Added by Act 13 of 1999.