231. Slaughter of animals for sale as food and power of Inspection

  1. No person shall slaughter within the Village Panchayat area except in a public or licensed slaughter house any cattle, horse, sheep, goat or pig for sale as food or skin or cut up any carcass without or otherwise than in conformity with a licence from the Village Panchayat or dry or permit to be dried any skin in such manner as to cause a nuisance. It shall be ensured that the said slaughter house is kept clean:
    Provided that the slaughtered meat kept ready for sale as food shall not be sold except after inspection by the prescribed officers.

    Explanation. - Nuisance for the purpose of this section includes any act, omission, place or thing which causes or is likely to cause injury, danger, annoyance or offence to the sense of sight, smell or hearing or disturbance to rest or sleep or which is or may be dangerous to life or injurious to the health or property of the public or the people in general who dwell or occupy property in the vicinity or persons who may have occasion to use any public right or any animal kept in such a place or manner as to be prejudicial to health.
  2. No person shall exhibit or expose to public view, for sale or otherwise the carcass of animal, bird or fish (whether dressed or not) in any licensed premises or any other place in such a manner as to cause annoyance or offence to the sense of sight of the public.
  3. The President, Secretary or any officer authorised by the Government or by the village panchayat may without notice enter any place where meat or any other article of food is stored for sale and inspect such article.