230. Licence for slaughter houses

  1. The owner of any place within the village panchayat area which is used as a slaughter house for the slaughtering of animals or for the skinning or cutting up of any carcasses shall in the first month of every year or in the case of a place to be newly opened one month before the opening of the same, apply to the 176[Village Panchayat] for a licence.
  2. The Village Panchayat may, by an order and subject to such restrictions and regulations as to supervision and inspection as he thinks fit, grant or refuse to grant such licence.
  3. Nothing contained in this section shall apply to the slaughter of animals in any concealed place without causing hardship to the public in the Village Panchayat area on occasions of festivals, marriage ceremonies, etc.

176Substituted by Act 13 of 1999.