228. Private cart-stands

  1. No persons shall open a new private cart-stand or continue to keep open a private cart-stand unless he obtains from the village panchayat a licence to do so. Such licence shall be got renewed by the licensee every year.
  2. The Village Panchayat shall, as regards private cart-stands already lawfully established, and may at its discretion, as regards new private cart-stands, grant the licence applied for, subject to the payment of the prescribed fee and to such conditions as the Village Panchayat may think fit as to supervision and inspection, sanitation and such other maters as may be prescribed, or the village panchayat may refuse to grant such licence for any new cart-stand.
  3. The Village Panchayat may modify the conditions of the licence to take effect from a specified date.
  4. The village panchayat may at any time suspend or cancel any licence granted under sub-section (2) for breach of the conditions thereof.
  5. The Village Panchayat may levy on every grant or renewal of a licence under this section a fee not exceeding two hundred rupees.
  6. The licensee of a private cart stand may levy fees at rates not exceeding the maximum prescribed.