221. Public markets

  1. The village panchayat may, provide places, or use as public markets or close any such market or part thereof. All public markets within a village panchayat area shall be under the control and management of the village panchayat.
  2. Subject to such rules as may be prescribed, the village panchayat may parcel out any portion of a public market and lease such parcel or parcels by auction or otherwise or levy any one or more of the following frees in any public market at rates not exceeding the maximum prescribed, namely: -
    1. fees for the use of or for the right to expose, goods for sale in such market;
    2. fees for the use of shops, stalls, pens or stands in such market;
    3. fees on vehicles bringing any goods for sale in such market or on goods.
    4. fees on animals brought for sale into or sold in such market and
    5. licence fees on brokers, commission agents, weighmen and measurer practising their calling in such market.
  3. 175[Places used as a public markets shall be properly maintained by the village panchayat and no part thereof shall be used for any purpose other than those related to the functioning of the market.]

175Inserted by Act 13 of 1999.