219I. Prohibition of improper disposal of carcasses rubbish and filth

  1. No person shall after due provision has been made under section 219A by the village panchayat for the deposit and removal of rubbish, solid waste, carcasses or filth, deposit the same, -
    1. in any street or on a verandah of any building or any unoccupied ground along the side of any road or an any public quay, jetty or landing place or on the bank of a water course or pond; or
    2. in any dust bin or vehicle not intended for the removal of the same; or
    3. in any vehicle or vessel intended for such removal except to ameliorate or to prevent the spreading of bad smell.
  2. Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions in sub section (1) no person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any building rubbish on any streets or on any public or private land without the previous permission of village panchayat: Provided that, no permission shall be granted without paying the fee as determined by the village panchayat:
    Provided further that, the secretary may, for reasons to be recorded in writing refuse to give such permission.