219F. Provision for the final disposal of solid waste

  1. Every village panchayat shall identify and notify suitable places within or outside the village panchayat area for the purpose of final disposal of waste.
  2. While notifying the land under sub-section (1) health and environmental aspects shall be taken into consideration by the village panchayats.
  3. Every village panchayat may make adequate arrangements for the utilisation of solid wastes for the preparation of compost and the disposal of it by sale.
  4. Where composting of waste is not found possible or practicable sanitary landfill methods shall be adopted for the disposal of waste at the landfill sites in the manner specified by the village panchayat.
  5. Incineration of waste may be resorted to by the village panchayat for the disposal of infectious waste rejected from the hospitals, nursing homes or health care centres and non-industrial hazardous waste as specified by the village panchayat from time to time.