219D. Introduction of house-to-house collection of rubbish

  1. The secretary may, with the sanction of the village panchayat introduce in the village panchayat area or part there of house to house collection of rubbish and other offensive matter for which he may publish from time to time an order specifying the hours within which the occupier of any house or premises or land may place, rubbish or offensive matter adjacent to his house, premises or land as may be specified by the secretary, in a proper receptacle provided by the village panchayat or in a receptacle of the size and type as may be specified by the secretary in the order that such rubbish or offensive matter may be removed by the employees of the village panchayat or by the contractors who may be engaged by the village panchayat for this purpose.
  2. No persons shall place rubbish or offensive matter on a public street at the time other than the time specified by the secretary and except in the receptacle provided or specified under sub-section (1).