219B. Duty of owners and occupiers for collection and deposit of rubbish and solid waste

  1. It shall be the duty of the owners of all premises to provide receptacle of the size specified by the secretary for the purpose of collection of domestic waste, trade waste, institutional waste, dust, ashes, refuse and decayed matters generated from such premises.
  2. Such receptacles shall, at all times, be kept in good condition and shall be provided in such number and at such places at the secretary may, from time to time by written notice direct.
  3. The Secretary may, by public notice direct the owners or occupiers or all premises to segregate the waste generated from such premises for easy management and disposal of such waste by the employees or contractors engaged by the village panchayat.
  4. It shall be incumbent on the owners and occupiers of all premises to cause all domestic waste, trade waste, Institutional waste, dusts, ashes, refuse, rubbish etc., to be collected from their respective premises and to be deposited in the public receptacle depot or place provided for the temporary deposit of wastes at such time as the secretary may, by public notice from time to time, specify or hand over the waste to the persons engaged or identified by the village panchayat for the purpose.