219. Contributions from persons having control over places of pilgrimage etc.

Where a mosque, temple, church, mutt or any place of religious worship or instruction or any place which is used for holding fairs or festivals or for other like purposes is situated within a village panchayat area or in the neighbourhood, thereof and attracts either throughout the year or on particular occasions a large number of persons, any special arrangements necessary for public health, safety or convenience, whether permanent or temporary, shall be made by the village panchayat, and the village panchayat shall after consulting the trustee or any other person having control over such place, require him to make such recurring or non-recurring contribution to the funds of the village panchayat as may be reasonable in the circumstances of the case and it shall be incumbent on such person to make such contribution. If such person fails to pay the contribution within such time as may be prescribed the amount shall be recoverable as an arrear of public revenue due on land.