203. Property Tax

  1. 150[Every village panchayat shall in accordance with the rules prescribed for the purpose levy a property tax on all buildings and land appurtenant thereto situated within the panchayat area and not exempted under this Act at such percentage as may be determined by the village panchayat on the net annual value determined on the basis of the plinth area and considering the site of the building, its use, type of construction and other determined factors:
    Provided that in the case of buildings given on rent, tax shall be levied by adding twenty-five percentage also for the net annual value calculated according to plinth area]151
  2. The building tax shall be levied annually and be payable in two equal half yearly instalments.
  3. The building tax, and the surcharge on building tax, if any levied under section 208, shall subject to the prior payment of the land revenue, if any, due to the Government in respect of the site of the building, be a first charge upon the building and up on the movable property, if any, found within or upon the same and belonging to the person liable to such tax.
  4. The Government may make rules providing for, -
    1. the manner of ascertaining the net annual rental value of building on the categories in to which they fall for the purposes of taxation:
    2. the person who shall be liable to pay tax and the giving of notices of transfer
      of buildings;
    3. the grant of exemption from tax on the ground of property.
    4. the grant of vacancy and other remissions; and
    5. the circumstances in which and the conditions subject to which buildings constructed, reconstructed or demolished or situated in areas included in, or excluded from, the panchayat area during any half year, shall be liable or cease to be liable to the whole or any portion of the tax.
    6. 2[method of fixing the annual value of property based on the plinth area of the building;
    7. maximum tax to be paid by the assessee;
    8. returns to be filed by the owners of the buildings;
    9. rate of deduction to be allowed based on the age and use of the buildings.]
  5. If the occupier of a building pays the building tax on behalf of, the owner thereof, such occupier shall be entitled to recover the same from, the owner and may deduct the same from the rent then or there after due by him to the owner.

150Substituted by Act 13 of 1999.
151Added by Act 13 of 1999.