191. Power of cancellation and suspension of resolutions etc.

  1. 132 [Government may either suo moto or, on a reference by President, Secretary or a member, or on a petition received from a citizen, cancel or very a resolution passed or a decision taken by the panchayat if in their opinion such decision or resolution –
    1. is not legally passed or taken; or
    2. is in excess of the powers conferred by this Act or any other law or its abuse; or
    3. is likely to endanger human life, health public safety, communal harmony or may lead to riot or quarrel; or
    4. is in violation of the directions or provisions of grant issued by Government in the matter of implementing the plans, schemes or programmes.
  2. Before cancelling or amending a resolution or decision as per sub-section (1), the Government may refer the matter for consideration either of the ombudsman constituted under section 271 G or the tribunal constituted under section 271S and the ombudsman or the tribunal, as the case may be; after giving the panchayat an opportunity of being head, send a report to the Government with its conclusions and the Government may, on its basis cancel, amend or confirm the resolution or decision.
  3. If another remedy is available to the petitioner through the tribunal under section 276, the Government shall not consider any petition for cancelling or amending any resolution or decision of the Panchayat.
  4. If Government consider that a resolution or decision of the Panchayat has to be cancelled or amended as per sub-section (1) it may suspend such resolution or decision temporarily and may direct the panchayat to defer its implementation till the final disposal after the completion of the procedure under sub-section (2).]

132 Substituted by Act 13 of 1999.