188. Power to inspect records etc. of Panchayats

  1. The Government or any officer empowered by the Government in which behalf, may, -
    1. call for any record, register or other document in the possession, or under the control of any panchayat:
      127[Provided that, the document, register, or records furnished by the panchayat shall be returned in original to the panchayat, within ninety days of its receipt by the Government, and attested copy of the same shall be retained by the Government if necessary.]
    2. require any Panchayat to furnish any return, plan, estimate, statement of accounts;
    3. require any Panchayat to furnish any information or report on any matter connected with such panchayat;
    4. require any Panchayat to obtain their previous sanction before giving up a claim or closing down any institution which is a source of income; and
    5. record in writing for the consideration of 128[any Panchayat] any observation in regard to the proceedings or duties of the Panchayat; and
    6. have power to inspect any office or any records or other documents of the Panchayats or movable properties kept therein or any work or institution or property under the control of the Panchayat;
  2. Every Panchayat, President, Secretary and Other Officer shall be bound to give facilities for exercising duties under 129[***] sub-section (1).
  3. 130 [The Government may, in the manner prescribed arrange periodical performance audit in respect of the administration of the panchayat.]

127Added by Act 13 of 1999.
128Substituted by Act 7 of 1995.
129Omitted by Act 13 of 1999.
130Added by Act 13 of 1999.