Appendix I

Appendix I
[See Rule 9(1)]
Form of Order of Assignment on Registry

Shri/Smt..................of..............village is informed that his/her application for the land/lands described in the schedule appended to this order has been accepted and that the above land/lands is/are assigned to him/her on registry subject to the following conditions:-
1[(1) That the land/lands shall be heritable and alienable.
*That the lands shall be heritable, but shall not be alienable for a period of three years from the date of registry:
Provided that the assignee may mortgage such lands-(a) to the Government or Co-operative institutions or the Tea Board, or the Rubber Board, as security for obtaining loans for agricultural or land improvement purpose or for growing tea or rubber, and (b) to the Government or co-operative institutions as security for obtaining loans for house construction under the Village Housing Project Scheme or any other housing schemes sponsored by the Government, if such house is required for the occupation of the assignee or his family].
(2) That the assignee or any member of his/her family or successor in interest shall reside in/cultivate the land and such residence/cultivation shall commence effectively within a period of one year from the date of receipt of patta 2[x x x].
(3) That the registry shall be liable to be cancelled for contravention 1[condition (1) or (2)] above and also for the conditions specified in the patta 2[x x x].
(4) That the registry shall also be liable for cancellation if it be found that it was grossly inequitable or was made under a mistake of facts or owing to misrepresentation of facts or in excess of the limits of the powers delegated to the assigning authority or that there was an irregularity in the Procedure.
(5) That in the event of cancellation of the registry, the assignee not be entitled to compensation for any improvements he/she may have made on the land.
3[(6) That in case where registry is made subject to survey and demarcation of the extent assigned, the extent noted in the patta shall be subject to revision, if any, found necessary after survey and demarcation is completed].
(7) The cost of survey and demarcation shall be recovered from the assignee at the following rates.
(i) Survey charges at.....
(ii) Demarcation charges at.............

1. Substituted by SRO 284/71 dt. 3-8-1971 pub. in K.G. Ex. No. 346 dt. 6-8-1971.
2. Omitted by No. 41/70 dt. 21-1-1970 pub. in K.G. Ex. No. 34 dt. 21-1-1970.
3. Substituted by Ibid.

(8) That the assignee shall be liable for the payment of the full assessment charged on the land with effect from the year in which the patta is issued. 1[In, cases where patta is issued pending survey and demarcation,] the liability for land revenue or any tax or fee levied in lieu thereof shall arise from the year in which it is issued and any difference in the tax consequent on the charge in extent after survey and demarcation, shall be adjusted to future land revenue or any tax or fee levied in lieu thereof due from the assignee if it is in excess of the tax due or be collected from the assignee straight away if it is less than tax due.
(9) That the land shall be subject to all local taxes and local rates payable by law or custom.
2[(10) That the assignee shall be liable to pay the arrears if any due to Government as prescribed in Rule 9(3) of these rules and as shown in the Schedule].
(11) That the assignee shall be liable to pay land value at the rate prescribed in Rule 10 of the Kerala Land Assignment Rules, 1964 and as shown in the schedule.
The assignee shall also be liable to pay the value of trees, plants or vines if any, specified in parts A and B of Appendix III attached to the Land Assignment Rules standing on the land 3[at the time of assignment], at such rates as may be specified by Government.
4[(11A) That the assignee shall also be liable to pay to the Kerala Land Development Corporation Limited the cost or the proportionate cost as the case may be, of the land development work, if any, executed on the land by the Kerala Land Development Corporation with interest thereon].
5[(12) That the assignee shall not be liable to pay tree value in respect of trees the girth of which is 90 cm. or less at breast height, but in cases where the girth of trees at breast height exceeds 90 cm. tree value shall be charged and collected. If the assignee was already in occupation of the land and he or his predecessors in occupation has planted trees etc. thereon, no tree value shall be charged in respect of such of those trees, etc., planted by him or by his predecessor in occupation as are specified in Part B of Appendix III to these rules].
5[(13) That, if the assignee is not agreeable to pay the tree value as specified in condition (12) in respect of trees specified in Part A of Appendix III, the Tahsildar shall dispose of such trees in public auction],
6[(13A) That the title to the land shall not pass to the assignee until he remits the land value and tree value payable in respect of the land, the arrears of tax, if any, due in respect of the land and other charges due from him.]

1. Substituted by SRO 41/70 dt. 21-1-1970pub. in K.G. Ex. No. 34dt. 21-1-1970.
2. Substituted by G. O. (P) No. 394/Rev. pub. in K.G. No. 30 dt. 26-07-1966.
3. Inserted by S.RO. 696/74 dt, 23-08-1974 pub. in K.G. No.39 dt. 24-09-1974.
4. Inserted by SRO 594/76 dt. 25-05-1976 pub. in K.G. No. 23 dt. 08-06-1976.
5. Substituted by SRO 696/74 K.G. No. 39 dt. 24-09-1974.
6. Inserted by SRO 85/70 dt. 25-02-1970 pub. in K.G- Ex. No.71 dt. 02-03-1970.

(14) That, if the assignee does not remit the land value, tree value arrears of assessment, etc. within three months from the date of sanctioning registry, 1[or such other period as may be allowed by the Tahsildar] 2[xxxx] the registry shall be cancelled, the occupants evicted, the land resumed and reassigned to other eligible families.
(15) That no land value and survey and demarcation charges shall be recovered from the assignee belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes 3[xxxx]
(16) mat the existing and customary rights of Government and public in roads and paths and rivers, streams and channels, running through or bounding the land, and the right of Government to a share in mines and quarries subjacent to the said land are reserved and are no way affected by the grant.
4[(17) Arrears of assignment dues shall bear interest at 5[6 percent per annum].

Schedule of land

VillageSy. No
Extent BoundariesA.C6[Hectare (Ares)
Assessment (Land Revenue)Rs, P.
Survey and demarcation Charges
Land value
Tree value
Arrears due as per Rule due
9(3) of the Rules
Total amount
Rs. P
Rs. P
Rs. P
Rs. P
Rs. P

Signature and designation of the Assigning authority
Place: Date:
I declare that I shall hold the grant subject to the conditions specified above and shall abide by the rules which are now in force or may hereafter be issued by Government in regard to registry of lands.
Signature of Assignee.
7[* Strike out Whichever is not applicable].
1. Inserted by SRO 1141/75 pub. in K.G. Ex. No. 714 dt. 02-12-1975.
2. Omitted by SRO 180/75 dt. 24-02-1975 pub. in K.G. Ex. No. 103 dt. 25-02-1975.
3. Omitted by G.O. (PJ 285/66/Rev.dt. 17-05-1996.
4. Inserted by SRO 180/75 dt. 24-02-1975.
5. Substituted by SRO No. 1141/75 dt. 02-12-1975.
6. Added by G.O.(P) 285/66/Rev. pub, in K.G. No. 22 dt. 31-05-1966.
7. Inserted S.R.O. 284/71 dt. 03-08-1971 pub. in K.G. Ex. No. 346 dt. 06-08-1971.