Special provisions regarding Assignment

1[23A. Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules the powers and functions which may be exercised and performed by a Tahsildar under these rules may be exercised and performed by any other any officer authorised by the Government in this behalf].
3[24. Powers of Government.- Notwithstanding any thing contained in these rules the Government may, if they consider it necessary so to do in public interest, assign land dispensing with any of the provisions contained in these rules and subject to such conditions, if any, as they may impose].
4[x x x].
1. Inserted by SRO 548/80 dt. 2-6-1980 pub. in K.G. No. 25 dt. 17-6-1980.
3. Substituted by G.O. (P) 698/Rev. dt. 20-12-1966 pub. in K.G. No. 51 dt. 27-12-1966.
4. Deleted by SRO 643/73 dl. 15-10-1973 pub. in K.G. Ex. No. 1060 dt. 22-10-1973.