Machinery and Procedure for Granting Leases or Licences

16. Enquiry to be held. -

  1.  Application for lease or licence of land shall be made to the Tahsildar  in the form in the Appendix IV to these Rules. Each application shallbear court fee stamp of the value of 75p.1[Note.- Applicants belonging to scheduled Castes and Tribes and serving military personnel shall be exempt from affixing stamp on their applications].
  2.  On receipt of the applications, the Tahsildar shall, after conducting such preliminary enquiry as may be deemed necessary, publish a notice under his signature inviting objections, in writing from interested per sons to the lease or licence of the lands to which the applications relate.
  3.  The notice shall be in the form in Appendix V to the rules and shall give a minimum of 2[fifteen days time] from the date of its publication for preferring objections, but the Tahsildar may, in his discretion, admit objections received after the expiry of that period.
  4. ' The Notice shall be published by affixture in a conspicuous place in the land concerned and also in the village, Panchayats and Taluk offices and, such publication shall be deemed to be legal and sufficient for purposes of these rules].
  5.  The objections or representations if any, preferred in response to the notice, shall be duly enquired into by the Tahsildar. In cases where the Tahsildar is himself competent to finally dispose of the applications, he shall take into consideration the objections and representations. In other cases, he shall submit the applications and all the records together with his own recommendation and giving full reasons therefor, to the competent authority,

2[17.Rental for trees.- Lease or licence of land may include lease or licence of trees, but where it does not include the trees, the trees may be separately granted on lease or licence at such rates as the Government may, by order from time to time specify. The order of lease or licence shall be in the form in Appendix VIII to these Rules,Provided that in the case of trees for which no rates have been specified by order under this rule, the rates in respect of those trees shall be fixed on a fair and equitable basis].

18. Rental to be charged.-

  • (1) Rents shall be charged for the lease or licence as the case may be, of land and trees, if any, standing thereon and included in the lease or licence at such rates as Government may, by order, specify.
  • (2) The assignee shall, in addition to paying rent under sub-rule (1) deposit with the Government in advance an amount equal to one year's rent as security.

19. Leasing or licensing of Government Office compounds etc.- Lease or licence of land within the premises of Government offices or institutions shall ordinarily be granted by the competent authority only in consultation with the Department concerned and the P.W.D. In cases of difference of opinion between the competent authority and the Department or Departments concerned, such authority shall obtain the orders of the Revenue Divisional Officer, if that authority is the Tahsildar, or the District Collector, if that authority is the Revenue Divisional Officer, and of the Board of Revenue if that authority is the District Collector:Provided that notwithstanding these rules, the Government shall be competent to issue special rules for regulating the lease or licence of the land mentioned in this rule.
20. Proportionate rental to be collected.- If a lease or licence granted under these rules is set aside or modified in appeal, or revision and if the assignee having possession of the land under such lease or licence has to vacate the same by reason of its being set aside or modified he shall be liable to pay to Government, for the period he was in possession the proportionate rent, according to the terms of the lease or licence set aside or modified, together with the value as determined by the Tahsildar, of the trees, if any, destroyed or appropriated by him.

1. Substituted by G.O. (P) 285/66/Rev. dt 17-5-1966 pub. in K.G. No, 22 dt. 31-5-1966.
2. Substituted by G.O. (P) 544/66/RD dt. 30-9-1966 pub. in K.G. No. 40.dt. 11-10-1966.