182. Powers and functions of the Secretary

[Subject to the provisions of this Act and the rules grade there under, Secretary the as executive officer of the panchayat shall, -]

  1. Attend the meetings of the Panchayat and of the Standing Committee and may take part in the discussions purely in an advisory capacity, but shall have no right to move any resolution or to vote:
    119[Provided that the Secretary shall record his views on any matter that may come up for the consideration of the panchayat and each item of the agenda shall be placed before the Panchayat with the specific remarks of the Secretary:
    Provided further that if the Secretary considers that any resolution passed by the panchayat shall be referred to the Government under clause (iii), he shall record such remarks in writing]
  2. attend any meeting of a committee of the Panchayat if required to do so by the person presiding thereon;
  3. carry in the effect the resolutions of the Panchayat:
    120[Provided that where the Secretary is of opinion that any resolution passed by the Panchayat has not been legally passed is in excess of the powers conferred by this Act or any other Act or is likely, to endanger human life, health or public safety, if implemented, he shall request in writing in the panchayat, to review the resolution and express his views at the time of its review by the panchayat and if the panchayat upholds its previous decision, the matter shall be referred to the Government after intimation to the President and if no decision of the Government is received within fifteen days, the said resolution shall be implemented and information there of shall be given to the Government;]
  4. control the officers and employees working under the Panchayat, subject to the general superintendence and the control of the President;
  5. discharge all the duties and exercise all the powers specifically imposed or conferred on the Secretary by or under this Act.
  6. 121[meet the expenses delegated by the President;
  7. give amounts either by cheque or cash for all kinds of expenditure authorised by the Panchayat;
  8. be responsible for the safe custody of the Panchayat fund;
  9. maintain and keep the accounts of receipts and expenditure of the Panchayat; and
  10. Keep the record of the meeting and proceedings of the Panchayat; and
  11. have power to initiate disciplinary action against the employees of the Panchayat referred to in section 180]
  12. 122 place before the standing committee for finance the monthly accounts of the panchayat before the tenth of the succeeding month or at the first meeting of the succeeding month;
  13. prepare the annual accounts and B.C.B. Statement of the preceding financial year and place before the panchayat before the thirtieth or June of the succeeding financial year;
  14. furnish the returns, accounts statements and other details when called for by the Government or any audit authority;
  15. inspect or cause to be inspected the accounts of the institutions under the control of the panchayat;
  16. keep the records of the Panchayat, the Standing Committees, the Executive Committees, such other Committees and the Grama Sabhas;
  17. Co-ordinate the preparation of the annual plans and five year plans within the time specified by the Government so as to enable the District Planning Committee to approve the same;
  18. disburse the plan funds to the officers concerned and to render utilisation certificate to the Government as ordered by it.]

119Inserted by Act 13 0f 1999.
120Inserted by Act 13 of 1999.
121Inserted by Act 7 of 1995
122Added by Act 13 of 1999.