175. Preparation of development plans by panchayats

  1. 111[The panchayat at every level shall prepare every year a development plan for the next year in respect of the functions vested in it, for the respective panchayat area in the form and manner prescribed and it shall be submitted to the District Planning Committee before the date
  2. The village Panchayat shall prepare the development plan having regard to the plan proposals submitted to it by the Grama Sabhas.
  3. Where the District Planning committee directs to make changes in the draft development plan on the ground that sector-wise priority and criteria for subsidy specified by the Government had not been followed or sufficient funds for scheduledcaste, scheduled tribe development schemes have not been provided in the draft development plan for that the scheme was prepared not in accordance with the provisions
    of the Act or rules; the panchayat shall be bound to make such changes.
  4. The panchayat shall in addition to the annual and five year plans; prepare a perspective plan foreseeing a period of fifteen years, with special focus on spatial planning for infrastructure development and considering the resources and the need for further development and such plan shall be sent to the concerned District Planning Committee.]
  5. The final decision in respect of such development schemes shall be taken long before the beginning of a financial year.
  6. 112[A copy of the development plan prepared by the Village Panchayat shall be forwarded to the block panchayat within which the area of the Village Panchayat is situated and a copy of the development plan prepared by the Block Panchayat shall be forwarded to the district panchayat within which the Block Panchayat is situated.]

111Substituted by Act 13 of 1999.
112Inserted by Act 13 of 1999.