155. Resignation of President, Vice-President or members

  1. 66[The President or Vice President or any other member of a Panchayat may resign his office by tendering his resignation in the prescribed form to the Secretary and the resignation shall take effect from the date on which it is received by the Secretary and the Secretary shall immediately report the fact to the Panchayat and the State Election Commission.
  2. The President, the Vice-President or the member who resigns shall either in person or, if such resignation letter has been attested by a Gazetted Officer, by registered post, tender or send as the case may be, his resignation to the Secretary and the Secretary shall give acknowledgement for the receipt of the same.
  3. If any dispute regarding any resignation arises, it shall be referred to the State Election Commission for decision and its decision thereon shall be final:
    Provided that no dispute, referred after the expiry of fifteen days from the date on which the resignation takes effect, shall be entertained by the State Election Commission.]

66Substituted by Act 13 of 1999.