4. Amendment of section 3

  1. In the principal Act, for sub- sections (2) and (3) of section 3, the following sub- section shall be substituted, namely:--
  2. "The State Library council shall consist of one member each from a Taluk, elected by the general body of the District Library Council, five members nominated by the Government, of whom one shall be a librarian, one shall be a person belonging to the Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes and one shall be a woman and five officials who shall be, the Principal Secretaries or Secretaries to Government, as the case may be, of the Higher Education Department, the General Education Department, the Finance Department, the Cultural Affairs Department and the Local Administration Department or officers not below the rank of Deputy Secretaries of the respective Departments, nominated, as the case may be, by the concerned Principal Secretaries or Secretaries.
  3. There shall be an Executive Committee for the State Library Council consisting of twenty-five members of whom, fifteen shall be elected by the elected members of State Library Council, from among themselves, and the remaining ten members shall be non-officials and officials referred to in sub-section (2).".