149. Term of office of members

  1. The term of office of members of a village panchayat, a block panchayat or a district panchayat shall be five years from the date fixed for convening the first meeting of that panchayat.
  2. Ordinary vacancies in the office of members of panchayat at any level shall be filled at general elections which shall be fixed by the Government to take place on such day or days within three months before the occurrence of the vacancies as they think fit.
  3. A casual vacancy in the office of a member of panchayat at any level shall be filled by the State Election Commission, within six months after the occurrence of the vacancy, through a bye-election.
  4. No bye-election shall be held to fill a vacancy occurring within six months before the ordinary date of retirement by efflux of time.
  5. A member of a Panchayat at any level elected at a bye-election shall enter upon office forthwith, but shall hold office only so long as the member in whose place he is elected would have been entitled to hold office if the vacancy had not occurred.