146. Special provision for adoption of Electoral roll of the Assembly Constituency

  1. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, the State Election Commission may, - if it deem necessary, prepare the electoral rolls of panchayats without conducting an enumeration by adopting the electoral rolls of the Assembly Constituencies as in force for the purpose of elections under this Act.
  2. The Electoral roll of Assembly Constituency as adopted under sub-section (1) shall be divided into separate parts for each constituency of the panchayats and all electors included in the electoral roll for the Assembly Constituency relating thereto shall be incorporated in the electoral roll of the Constituencies of the panchayat concerned.
    Explanation :- In this section ‘Assembly Constituency means a constituency for the purpose of election to the State Legislative Assembly.
  3. In preparing the electoral rolls under sub-section (1) the State Election Commission shall mutatis mutandis follow the procedure laid down for the preparation of electoral rolls under this Act and the rules made there under.