Form AA *

[See Rule 4]

Report on unauthorised cutting of trees or removal of timber, earth, metal, laterite, sand, lime-shell or such other articles of value from any Government land.

  1. Taluk.
  2. Village.
  3. Surrey No. of the Government land involved in this case.
  4. Mode and nature of the act, and the date of commission of the act.
  5. Name and address of the person or persons who committed the act.
  6. Details of the articles removed.
  7. Value of the articles removed.
  8. Details of the items if any seized, their value and name and address of the person to whom the article has been entrusted for safe custody (if they are kept by the officer himself, state so).
  9. Signature and designation of the officer who makes the report.
  10. Date of report.
  11. Inspecting Officer's remarks.

Note:- A mahazar showing the details etc., of the article and a sketch showing the location of the site of action should be prepared separately and enclosed with this form

* Inserted by Noti. dt. 07-10-1959 pub. in K.G. dt. 13-10-1959.