Section 9

Separate notices under Section 12 shall be served on each of the occupants in case of joint occupation by more occupants than one before passing an order under the Act. The notice, shall be in Form 'B' appended to these rules. The notice shall be served by delivering a copy to the person reported to be in unauthorised occupation of the land, or to his authorised agent, or some adult member of his family residing with him, who shall be required to sign an acknowledgement of service endorsed on the original notice. If such person refuses to acknowledge service of the notice as aforesaid, or if such person cannot be found and there is no other person on whom the service can be made, the serving officer shall affix a copy of the notice on the outer door of the house in which such person ordinarily resides or on some conspicuous part of the land unauthorisedly occupied, and return the original with an endorsement attested by two responsible witnesses stating that he has so affixed a copy and the circumstances under which he did so.