Section 4

  1. All officers of the Land Revenue Department shall have it as their primary duty to prevent unauthorised occupation of lands which fall under any of the descriptions given in the definitions of 'property of Government' and 'Poramboke' in Section 3 and Section 4 of the Act.
  2. The Village Officer, shall report to the Collector promptly all cases of encroachments on porambokes and on lands which are the property of Government other than porambokes, in Form A appended to these rules. The report shall be accompanied by a plotted sketch drawn to scale of the encroachment and a Mahazar containing full particulars of the land encroached upon, such as period of occupation, nature and value of improvements, if any, made on the land, the position of the land with reference to adjoining lands etc.
    1[Explanation.- For the purpose of these rules the erection of any wall, fence or building or the putting up of any overhanging structure or projection (whether on a temporary or permanent basis) on or over any land aforesaid without permission shall be deemed to be an encroachment;]
  3. 2[If any officer of the Land Revenue Department of and above the rank of Village Officer detects timber, earth, metal, laterite, sand, lime-shell or such other article of value, involved in unauthorised removal from Government land, such article shall be seized by him and taken under Government custody to be disposed of under the orders of the Collector. In such cases he shall prepared a mahazar giving the full particulars of the article so seized and shall as soon as may be, make a report of such seizure to the Tahsildar or the Taluk accompanied by a statement in Form ‘AA’ appended to these rules. The articles so seized shall be kept in custody or handed over for safe custody to a reliable third person and a receipt obtained therefor].

1. Inserted by SRO 1403/89 dt. 28-06-1989 pub. in K.G. No. 37 dt. 08-08-1989.
2. AddedbyNoti.dt.07-IO-I959pub.mK.G-dt. 13-10-1959.