97. Answering of criminating questions and certificate of indemnity

  1. No witness shall be excused from answering any question as to any matter relevant to a matter in issue in the trail of an election petition upon the ground him, that the answer to such question may criminate or may tend to criminate or that it may expose or may tend to expose him to any penalty or forfeiture:
    Provided that –
    1. a witness, who answers truly all questions which he is required to answer shall be entitled to receive a certificate of indemnity from the court;
    2. an answer given by a witness to a question put by or before the court shall not, except in the case of any criminal proceeding for perjury in respect of the evidence, be admissible in evidence against in any civil or criminal proceeding.
  2. When a certificate of indemnity has been granted to any witness, it may be pleaded by him in any court and shall be a full and complete defence to or upon any charge under chapter IXA of the Indian Penal Code (Central Act 45 of 1860), or Chapter XI of this Act arising out of the matter to which such certificate relates, but it shall not be deemed to relieve him from any disqualification in connection with an election imposed by this Act or any other law.