93. Trial of election petition

  1. The Court shall dismiss an election petition which does not comply with the provisions of section 89 or section 90 or section 115.
    Explanation. - An order of the court dismissing an election petition under, this subsection shall be deemed to be an order made under clause (a) of section 100.
  2. Where more election petitions than one are presented to the court in respect of the same election, the court may, in its discretion, try them separately or in one or more groups.
  3. Any candidate not already a respondent shall, upon application made by him to the Court within fourteen days from the date of commencement of the trial and subject to any order as to security for costs which may be made by the court, be entitled to be joined as a respondent.
    Explanation. - For the purposes of this sub-section and section 100 the trial of a petition shall be deemed to commence on the date fixed for the respondents to appear before the court and answer the claim or claims made in the petition.
  4. The court may upon such terms as to costs and otherwise as it may deem fit, allow the particulars of any corrupt practice alleged in the petition to be amended or amplified in such manner, as may in its opinion be necessary for ensuring a fair and effective trial of the petition, but shall not allow any amendment of the petition which will have the effect of introducing particulars of a corrupt practice not previously alleged in the petition.
  5. Every election petition shall be tried as expediously as possible and shall be disposed of within six months from the date on which the election petition is presented to the Court for trail.