84. Bye-elections to fill casual vacancies

  1. When a panchayat at any level is dissolved before its duration specified in Article 243E or when the seat of a member elected to a panchayat becomes vacant or is declared vacant or his election to the panchayat is declared void, the State Election Commission shall, subject to the provisions of – sub-section (2) by a notification in the Gazette, call upon the constituencies in such panchayat or the constituency concerned, as the case may be, to elect members or member for the purpose of constituting the panchayat or filling the vacancy, as the case may be, before such date as may be specified in the notifications and the provisions of this Act and of the rules and orders made there under shall apply as far as may be, in relation to such election.
  2. If the vacancy so caused be a vacancy in a seat reserved in any such constituency for the Scheduled Castes or for Scheduled Tribes or for women the notification issued under sub-section (1) shall specify that the person to fill that seat shall belong to the Scheduled Castes or to Scheduled Tribes or be a women, as the case may be,