71. Adjournment of poll in emergencies

  1. If at an election the proceedings at any polling station provided under section 45 for the poll are interrupted or obstructed by any riot or open violence, or if at an election it is not possible to take the poll at any polling station or such place on account of any natural calamity, or any other sufficient cause, the Presiding Officer or such polling station or the Returning Officer presiding over such place, as the case may be, shall announce an adjournment of the poll to a date to be notified later, and where the poll is so adjourned by a presiding officer, he shall forthwith inform the Returning Officer concerned.
  2. Whenever a poll is adjourned under sub-section (1), the Returning Officer shall immediately report the circumstances to the appropriate authority and the State Election Commission, and shall, as soon as may be, with the previous approval of the State Election Commission, appoint the day on which the poll shall commence, and fix the polling station or place at which, and the hours during which the poll will be taken, and shall not count the votes cast at such election until such adjourned poll shall have been completed.
  3. In every such case as aforesaid, the returning officer shall notify in such manner as the State Election Commission may direct the date, place and hours of polling fixed under sub-section (2).