68. Death of candidate before poll

If a candidate whose nomination has been found valid on scrutiny under section 55 and who has not withdrawn his candidature under section 56 dies and a report of his death is received before the publication of the list of contesting candidates under section 57, or if a contesting candidate dies and a report of his death is received before the commencement of the poll, the Returning Officer shall, upon being satisfied of the fact of the death of the candidate, countermand the poll and report the fact to the State Election Commission and also to the Government and all proceedings with reference to the election shall be commenced a new in all respects as if for a new election:

Provided that no further nomination shall be necessary in the case of a person who was a contesting candidate at the time of the countermanding of the poll: Provided further that no person who has given a notice of withdrawal of his candidature under sub-section (1) of section 56 before the countermanding of the poll shall be 46[intelligible] for being nominated as a candidate for the election after such countermanding.