56. Withdrawal of candidature

  1. Any candidate may withdraw his candidature by a notice in writing which shall contain such particulars as may be prescribed and shall be
    subscribed by him delivered before three O’clock in the afternoon on the day fixed under clause (c) of Section 49 to the returning officer either by such candidate in person or by his proposer, or election agent who has been authorised in this behalf in writing by such candidate;
    Provided that if that day has been notified by the Government as a day to be observed as a holiday in Government offices, the notice of withdrawal shall be considered as having been delivered in due time if it is delivered before three O’clock in the afternoon on the next succeeding day which is not a holiday so notified.
  2. No person who has given a notice of withdrawal of his candidature under sub-section (1) shall be allowed to cancel the notice.
  3. The returning officer shall, on being satisfied as to the genuineness of a notice of withdrawal and the identity of the person delivering it under sub-section (1), cause the notice to be affixed in some conspicuous place in his office and in the office of the concerned panchayat.