Act, 2001

Act 18 of 2001

An Act to protect river banks and river beds from large scale dredging river sand and to protect their biophysical environment system and regulate the removal of river sand and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.


WHEREAS it has come to the notice of the Government that indiscriminate and uncontrolled removal of sand from the rivers cause large scale river bank sliding and loss of property;

AND WHEREAS large scale dredging of river sand also disturb the biophysical environment system of the river in different degrees;

AND WHEREAS due to the executive regulatory orders in force, complaints have been received regarding the hardship to the employees engaged in construction works;

AND WHEREAS, in the public interest, it is expedient to provide for regulatory measures for the protection of river banks and removal of sand from rivers;

BE it enacted in the fifty-second year of the Republic of India as follows:

* English version pub. in K.G.-Ex. No. 285 dt. 20-3-2002