37. Restoration of membership

  1. Where a person ceases to be a member of panchayat at any level under section 31 or clause (a) of section 35, he shall be restored to office for such portion of the period for which he was elected as may remain unexpired at the date of such restoration, if and when the sentence is annulled on appeal or revision or the disqualification caused by the sentence is removed; and any person elected to fill the vacancy in the interim shall, on such restoration, vacate office.
  2. Where a person ceases to be member under clause (k) of section 35 the Secretary of the Panchayat concerned shall at once intimate the fact in writing to such person and report the same at the next meeting of the panchayat. If such person applies for restoration to the panchayat on or before the date of the next meeting or within fifteen days of the receipt by him of such intimation, the panchayat may at the meeting next after the receipt of such application restore him to his office of member:
    Provided that a member shall not be restored more than twice during his term of office.