29. Qualifications for membership of a Panchayat

A person shall not be qualified for chosen to fill a seat in a panchayat at any level unless :-

  1. his name appears in the electoral roll of any constituency in the Panchayat;
  2. he has completed his twenty-first year of age 25(on the date of filing of nomination);
  3. in the case of a seat reserved for the Scheduled Castes or for the Scheduled Tribes, he is a member of any of those castes or for those tribes, as the case may be;
    [*Provided that even if a candidate has omitted any word or words inadvertently when he makes and subscribes signature in such oath or affirmation and in the case he has been subsequently elected as a member and assumed office on oath or affirmation made in the Second Schedule he shall not be considered as disqualified for the mistake happened earlier.]
  4. in the case of a seat reserved for women, such person is a women;
  5. he makes and subscribes before the returning officer or any other person authorised by the State Election Commission an oath of affirmation according to the form set out for the purpose in the first schedule.
  6. he has not been disqualified under any other provisions of this Act.

25Added by Act 7 of 1995
* Inserted by Act 9 of 2003