16. Electoral roll for every constituency

  1. For every constituency in a village panchayat there shall be prepared an electoral roll in accordance with the provisions of this act.
  2. The draft electoral roll shall be published in the 22[respective] panchayat office, the village office and 23[............] at the headquarters of the block and the taluk office, for facilitating the voters to verify the same and the final list shall be published after taking decisions on the objections and the applications.
  3. The electoral rolls for the constituencies of block panchayats and district panchayats shall consist of the electoral rolls for all the constituencies of the village panchayat comprised within the constituencies of the block panchayat or, as the case may be, of the district panchayat and it shall not be necessary to prepare or revise separate electoral rolls for such constituencies.

22 Substituted by Act 7 of 1995.
23 Omitted by I bid