13. District Election officers

  1. The State Election shall, in consultation with the Government, designate or nominate an officer of the Government or a local authority
    as district election officer for each district.
    Provided that the State Election Commission, may designate or nominate more than one such officer for a district if it is satisfied that the functions of the office cannot be performed satisfactorily by one such officer.
  2. Where more than one district election officer is designated or nominated for a district, the State Election Commission shall in the order designating or nominating them also specify the area in respect of which, each such officer shall exercise jurisdiction.
  3. Subject to the superintendence, direction and control of the State Election Commission, every district election officer shall co-ordinate and supervise all works in the area within his jurisdiction including preparation and revision of the electoral rolls in connection with the conduct of elections for all constituencies within the district.
  4. The district election officer shall also perform such other functions relating to the election as may be entrusted to him by the State Election Commission.