12. Staff of the State Election Commission

  1. As soon as may be, after a request by the State Election Commission to the Governor under clause (3) of article 243K, the Government shall lend the services of such number of Officers and employees as may be necessary to assist the State election Commission in the discharge of its functions.
  2. The Government may in consultation with the State Election Commission, appoint an officer not below the rank of Additional Secretary to Government as Secretary to the State Election Commission.
  3. The Officers and employees referred to in sub-section (1) and sub-section (2) shall continue to be Government servants for all purposes and their terms and conditions of service shall continue to be the same as applicable to them under the Government.
  4. The State Election Commission shall, in consultation with the Government ***21 designate or nominate such of the officers of the Government or of the local authority, as officers for the purpose of preparation and revision of electoral rolls and conduct of elections under this Act.

21 I bid